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Distressed Funding

To achieve the best outcome in an insolvent situation may require funding to be made available. We have immediate access to funds, which we can apply to an insolvent situation as part of a strategic plan.

We have utilised these funds to provide working capital to a company which we traded in administration, whilst marketing the business for sale over an extended period, to ensure the best value was obtained. We have also used these funds to facilitate the transfer of a complex manufacturing business post sale to a third party, which successfully resulted in trade creditors being paid in full.

Achieving the best outcome is our aim and we reject the notion that it is not possible to trade in administration on the basis of a lack of funding. Our private equity business funding is available, where we believe it will be used productively and enable us to maximize value, facilitate a constructive strategy, or be used to rescue a company or its business.

For a unique approach to Business Recovery, where we are willing to provide funding to get the best outcome, contact one of our experienced experts now.

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